Arm Dangles from Car Boot

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Arm Dangles from Car Boot

Surprising Arm - Severed Arm Joke - Dangle it From Things!

Finally back after a long absence, here is the classic Joke Severed Arm!

This realistic looking forearm and hand can be left dangling from a variety of locations to amuse people or frighten them!

Leave it hanging out of a car boot, from under a car tyre, from a doorway or cupboard- or even go for the classic hand shake that falls off!

The fun of this arm really is limited only be your imagination!

  • Fake Severed Arm - the Surpising Arm.
  • Left Handed Forearm with Rubber Hand and White Material Sleeve.
  • Leave dangling from a variety of places to frighten or amuse!
  • Supplied in display bag