Joke Lotto Tickets

Athlone Jokeshop and Costume Hire


    • 3 prank lottery scratch cards

    • Great for playing tricks on family and friends

    • Every one's a winner!!
    • oke Lotto Tickets - 3 Fake Winning Scratch Cards


      Please note these have the £ symbol on them and not the €
    • Just the ticket you need for hilarious fun! Almost identical to the real deal, these joke lottery tickets are sure to have your victims jumping for joy when they think they've hit the jackpot! Thats until they try and cash it in.

      Why not get creative and slide one into a stack of real tickets or even scratch one yourself and leave it in a crowed place and sit back and watch the chaos.

       One of our favourite ways to use one of these is to stick one in a birthday card. Cruel i know but also hilarious to watch.

      Each pack contains three winning scratch cards