Lady Pompadour White



Lady Pompadour White

Whether you’re dressing up in a period style costume or maybe you’re the dame of the pantomime. Whatever you may be needing this wig for it will definitely do the job. It is an exceptionally good wig paired up with the other colour to be the Ugly Step Sisters for Cinderella.

The wig itself is made from very good quality products and holds its shape well. It is an extremely tall beehive wig with a block cut fringe and some delicate curls to frame the face. For added security we would recommend padding the beehive so that the wig does not slip down.

Please note because of the size and shape of the wig it can be quite heavy so we would also recommend attaching the wig securely to your head using pins and a wig cap.

This wig is available in both white and bright pink.