80's Costume ideas

Costume Ideas from the 80's

You can choose from  these Personalised TShirts or go for the Fun Neon look with lots of accessories available , how about all out Beads and Neon Skirts and mesh tops !



You can enjoy your own private party where you can sing, dance and become an 80s popstar for the day. Choose from karaoke, 80's dance classes, makeovers, photo shoots and more.


If you want a more specific theme for your 80's fancy dress, here are a few more ideas inspired by iconic 80's shows and stars… We have lots of Costumes both for sale and hire in the examples below 

Madonna – go for lots of black lace, cycling shorts and big hair to nail this look. If you want to go really bold, why not try the conical corset from her Blonde Ambition tour?

Super Mario Bros – Mario and Luigi was a classic 80's game and it’s a fun and easy fancy dress idea too! You just need red or green t-shirts, dungarees and a hat.  See these Super Mario

Baywatch – This probably works best at a hen party taking place at a hot destination… It first hit screens in 1989 so the red bathing costumes are just within the timeframe. See these Bay Watch

Where’s Wally – Where’s Wally was first published in 1987 – yes, it’s taken nearly 20 years and we still haven’t found him. It’s a very distinguishable fancy dress choice, as everyone will stand out in there red and white outfits. See these 

Wheres Wendy and Wally

The Flintstones – The Flintstones was first aired during the 70's, but as it was on screen throughout the 80s too, we’ll take it. Besides, the female characters look pretty amazing.

Ghostbusters – A Ghost-busters fancy dress theme is pretty topical, considering the all-female reboot is out this year!

Beetlejuice – If you have a quirky bride-to-be, consider going for a creepy Beetlejuice theme.



80s_Work_Out_CostumeFemale_Shellrubiks-cubemadonna wigRainbow Punkmadonna costume

Hen Party Games

hen night         hen night      

So now you have all your 80s hen party essentials ready, why not pull together some hen party games? We have Dare Games and Tangle twister game

that you can download for free, or  of hen party dares if you’re feeling competitive!

Rose Gold Foiled Hen Party Games Hamper are very popular at the minute and are good value see  them here Rose Gold Party Pack

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Rose Gold     Bowl 


Serve your Food in Neon Table ware see these neon Party Bowl

Everything is better with Chocolate including a hen party!

A few chocolates in each room, welcoming the guests to the hen party gives it a wow factor. You can do this in many ways you can just be really simple and place one Dairy Milk chocolate on a napkin with a note “Welcome to X Hen party” or you can choose some chocolate Flavoured Willy's  

Chocolate Willy's                           chocolate

Fearsome chilli powder when added to delicious British milk chocolate makes for a bold combination.Each box comprises eight chocolate willies, but who will end up with one of the four chilli willies?