A review of Athlone joke shop JOKES by an Eleven-year-old

The joke shop has everything you can imagine, it has every joke you can think of and whacky stuff.

But these are my most favourite jokes tried and tested!!

1- Self Inflatable Whoopee Cushion

Why not blame someone for breaking wind!!

2 - Joke Lotto Tickets

Why not get someone’s hopes up for winning!!

3- No Tear Toilet Paper!

Why not swap the real toilet paper for this one and make someone really frustrated to why it won’t tear at that crutal time you need it most!!

4 - Dog Turd

ohhh noo the dog did a number two in the bathroom!!

5 - Crazy String

This is probably the oldest gags but to me it’s still my favourite.

6 - Fried Egg

Why not make someone breakfast but just to warn you it may taste a bit rubbery!!

7 - Slime Barrel

If you love gooey stick slime slime, why not give this a shot!!

8 - Vomit

Trust me this is a good way of getting out of school!!

9 - Wonder fool Money box

Try to get the money out of the box if you can you keep it, but believe it’s hard but stick at it and you’ll get there!

Hope you enjoyed

Thank You