Stag Night Ideas

Stag Do T-Shirts

We all know the clichés. What happens on stag night, stays on stag night. It’s the night before the biggest hangover of a lifetime! and you won’t remember a thing that happened until you look at the photos. Seeing as there may be a grain of truth in the latter, there’s one thing you can do: create personalised stag do T-shirts for yourself and the boys to look the part! look here at  some stag night tees 

If you’re the best man or just the lucky guy to have the honour to designs matching stag T-shirts, you can be sure of group savings automatically applied with volume discount. Just contact us at 0906576555. we have a huge Range  look here at  some stag night tees. Corona Groom is hugly popular at this time.

Corona Groom Black T-shirt


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Stag Do Pranks

A man’s last night of freedom should always be memorable and that is why stag party pranks tend to be part of the mix. Stag party pranks can be good for laughs as long as the best man keeps the safety and sanity of the groom in mind.

Remember, not all stags are created equal and not all of them will be “game” to try more humiliating and embarrassing pranks. Even so, there’s fun to be had with a little creativity even if, most of the time, it is at the expense of the celebrant.

Pranks to pull off:

  • By hook or by crook, get the groom to wear the Mankini see these Neon Mankini.
  • Let him think when drunk , that he won the lottery ! see these joke lottery tickets   
  • No Stag night is complete without a few Dares see these Dare Cards
  • Cards Dare Stag Night              

Essential Stag Night Accessories

When you are planning a Stag Night, you’ll want everyone to remember it for all the right reasons! Here at the Joke Shop, we have a great selection of stag night costumes and party accessories that will ensure your special occasion is everything it should be. You’ll love our Stag Night Ideas, with plenty of games and accessories to get everyone involved in the fun. We have Stag Night Dare Cards, to encourage a little naughtiness, and party games to get things going. You can select these stag badges for all of your guests, as well as favours and gifts that will ensure a hilarious occasion. No night is complete without the Doll !

          Blow Up Doll  

Our Stag Night Costumes are perfect for a big night out, and you can choose your costume to match your theme. We have everything from Bay Watch costumes to traffic Cones- You're certain to stop traffic in these Male Costumes.

Baywatch Mens Beach Costume