Self Inflatable Whoopee Cushion

Self Inflatable Whoopee Cushion


The classic prank is back, and as funny as ever! If you are not inclined to prank, then why not surprise your friends or family with something that is sure to get a couple laughs. Best kept far from public arenas, the Whoopee Cushion, when placed on a chair and is sat on, lets out an enormous ripping fart sound, sure to make the 'offender' blush blood tomato. 

This whoopee cushion is self-inflating: meaning you can prank again and again without the arduous task of having to blow it up each time.

Do not hesitate to take this joke with you to work; this prank joke will have your colleagues rolling over with laughter.


  • Makes loud ripping fart noise
  • Inflates on its own!
  • Embarrass your family and friends
  • Bring fun from the past back to the future
  • Packaged in full colour gift-box


  • Diameter 16.5cm