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We love beer and therefore it 'kinda goes without saying that we have our own personal superhero favourites and let's say that Duff Man from the Simpsons is right up there on the list! Therefore this is a great find for us. Our Beer Man costume, complete with muscle chest and padded arms will be perfect for a whole range of parties, in fact anywhere that beer comes into the equation. The costume comprises of a muscle chested jumpsuit with padded flesh coloured arms. The body and the leggings are in blue and across the chest there is a white panel with the word "BeeR" in large letters. The jumpsuit has a high rounded neckline with a flesh coloured effect with printed chest hair, giving the appearance of the suit having a vee-shaped neckline.  Included is a half length bright red cape which is fixed to the shoulders. Completing the look, and to some the most important part, Beer Man comes with a bright yellow belt which has attached, printed, holders for your beer cans. This is a fun alternative Oktoberfest costume. Please note; the model is shown wearing a pair of black glasses and white gloves, these are not included but they are available from our huge collection of costume accessories.ADULT BEERMAN

SIZE XL 54-56

SIZE L 52-54

SIZE M 48-50