Nerd Wig



Includes Wig Only

(Glasses not included)

Have you noticed how cute nerds are now? They are so adorable and nerdy. With their sweet little rocket ship patterned bow ties and sweaters. They can talk about Star Wars and explain complex mathematical concepts using almost poetic language. But, maybe we are biased, sitting here wearing our bow ties and playing with our Wookie figurine.

We're just happy that our style has changed from the squares during the 50s who can't get a date to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. But, if you want to channel your inner Lambda Lambda Lambda brotherhood this Halloween, you can by wearing this Dorky Nerd Wig. Now, we can't promise that someone wont try to pants you, or give you a swirly, or put a 'kick me' sign on your back...or any of the other things that can happen when you are a nerd. (Did we mention how happy we are that nerds are cute and important now?) But, it can be fun to be the smartest on in the room.