5 simple things everyone should do at least once on Halloween night


Halloween is a time of magic, mystery, myths and mayhem so it’s little wonder that so many people love it so much!

Whatever your age, it’s hard not to feel a thrill at the thought of dressing up for a night of spooky fun.

And even if ghosts and ghouls aren’t necessarily your thing, it’s still easy to take part in some aspect of it – no matter how small.

Here are 5 simple things everyone should do at least once on Halloween night:

1Dress up

Even if you’re not going trick-or-treating, it’s always fun to dress up at Halloween. And the beauty of it is that it doesn’t even have to be scary! Random costumes range from an Hotdog to a ‘cereal’ killer to a Rubix cube!
the sky’s the limit with this one… 

Cereal Killer

2 - Go to a party

You might not do it every year but going to a Halloween party is definitely something everyone should experience at least once.

You’ll never be more at ease in your social circle than when you’re all dressed up in wigs, scary makeup and fantastical costumes. Make sure to take plenty of pics!

3 - Have a scary movie marathon

If you’ve decided that you’re not going out this Halloween and you don’t particularly want to dress up why not get into your PJs, make sure you have plenty of snacks on hand and invite over a your favourite people (maybe even bring some friends who are scared of halloween movies make sure you have some popcorn for them to hide behind! ) to watch some Classic Scary Halloween movies like Scream, Halloween, Beetlejuice The Addams Family

hocus pocus

4- Tell ghost stories

Nothing sets a spooky atmosphere better than a good ghost story. If you’re at a Halloween party, ask the host to dim the lights and get everyone to settle in for a hair-raising tale of horror.

Practice it a few times in the mirror to make sure you’ve got the delivery nailed!

5- Play Halloween games

Remember bobbing for apples as a child? Or searching for the ring in the Barm Brack?
They’re still a lot of fun today so whether you’ve got kids in the house or not, why not set it up for the craic? Another good one is the ‘Make a Mummy’ contest where each team is given one roll of toilet paper and only has 10 minutes to make the most realistic one they can, or a pumpkin decorating contest, candy-filled pumpkin balloons that double as piñatas, or a spook-tacular round of pin the spider on the web!

make a mummy


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