5 Best April Fools Pranks Ireland

Laughter is one of the best ways to make any day brighter, which is probably why we have an entire holiday dedicated to it: April Fools! This once-in-a-year occurrence is the perfect time to put all your best prank ideas into action, ensuring your friends and family receive the hearty laugh they’ve been waiting to have for months.


So, how can you ensure your April Fools pranks hit the mark this time around? Stay tuned; we are going to teach you the best ones to add to your list!


1.    Remote Troubles


Chances are that the people you live with use the television frequently. And what do they need to use it? The remote, of course!


As such, this creates a perfect opportunity for you to cause some hilarious mayhem. So, if you need great last-minute April Fools pranks on parents, include this one by taping a small sticker over the TV remote’s sensor. No matter how many times they press its buttons, the channel won’t change!


2.    Honking Mania


Know someone who commutes daily? Whether they’re driving to work or the grocery store, some of the best April Fools pranks involve vehicles: something your victim will never see coming.


To execute this prank, create a small sign that says something like “Honk if You Love Puppies” (or anything else that’ll grab attention) and place it on the inside of their rear window. Once they hit the road, it’ll seem as if every driver they pass is beeping at them — and they’ll have no idea why until you point it out upon their return!


3.    An Eyeful of Food    


Have you ever opened your refrigerator and expected something to stare back? Of course not! So, utilize this to your advantage with one of these funny, unexpected prank ideas.


To get started, you’ll simply need a large supply of googly eyes found at virtually any craft store. Then, start sticking them onto everything you see inside the fridge, from produce to milk cartons. It’s guaranteed to surprise anyone who opens it after you!


4.    Noisy Floors


Sure, some houses have floors that squeak occasionally, but do you know any that pop?


Add this to your last-minute April Fools pranks on parents by hiding a sheet of bubble wrap under bathmats, rugs, doormats, and other areas with heavy foot traffic to give them a loud and hilarious surprise!


5.    Unexpected Guests


Like most families, you probably have a collection of photos lining your walls and resting on surfaces throughout the house. Though these usually display pictures of loved ones, they’re also incredibly useful for playing unexpected April Fools pranks.


So, how do you get this done? It’s simple: During the night, simply swap out these family photos with portraits of other people! Whether you fill the frames with faces of celebrities or fictional characters, you’ll barely be able to contain your giggles waiting for the others to realize the change — and share the laughter once they do.