Our Hen Party Planning Guide

Is your best friend finally ready to say the magic words, “I do”?


If so, you’ll need to make sure she enters the married world with a splash, and there’s no better way to do so than by planning a hen party (also known as a bachelorette party).


Though it might seem daunting, there is no shortage of ways to make memories with your friends, from supplying them with hilarious hen party accessories to planning an incredible getaway. Keep reading to get started!


1.    Talk to the Guest of Honor


Though you shouldn’t outright spoil the surprise, it’s worth asking the bride if she has any special requests. So, long before you start shopping around for the best hen party sashes to wear during the event, find out if she:


  • Has any hard “no” activities
  • Has a budget goal in mind
  • Has any specific destinations she’d like to see
  • Wants a short trip or a long getaway
  • Wants it to be close to the weeding or far in advance


2.    Figure Out Who’s Coming


Now that you have a brief outline in mind, you can start recruiting others to lend a hand. Aside from wearing matching bridesmaid sashes together, you’ll also be spending quite a bit of time with these individuals, so work together with the bride to create a thoughtful invite list! 


3.    Keep Everyone Connected


Once you know who will attend the event, it’s a good idea to place them all into a single group chat. This way, you’ll be able to easily relay information like travel dates, potential hen party accessories, venue information, and more — without needing to send individual messages.


4.    Think About Potential Dates


After finding out what dates would work best for the bride, you can continue developing your plan with the rest of the group. Collect as many possibilities as you can to nail down the perfect time.


5.    Research Locations and Accommodations


Will you be strutting your matching hen party sashes across London? Enjoying the solitude of the mountainside in a private, luxury cabin?


Figuring out your location is one of the most fun parts of the entire process, as well as one of the most important, so don’t ignore the details. Once you have a destination, start searching for accommodations by looking at reviews, guest capacity, amenities, and more!


6.    Outline Some Activities


Now that you know where you’re going, it’s time to decide what you’ll do there. After all, there’s no use buying the best hen party accessories if you don’t have anywhere to show them off!


Of course, don’t forget to consider the rest of your group as you look at potential activities. If someone has any limitations or special requests, you’ll want to keep them in mind.


7.    Finalize the Details 


Congratulations, you’re nearly there! It’s almost time to start shopping for matching bridesmaid sashes, but before you do, you’ll have to finalize some details.


Be sure to confirm things like cost, dates, theme, and more. With this settled, you can finally look forward to the hen party of a lifetime.