10 Steps to Planning a Baby Shower in Ireland

Whether you’re celebrating someone’s first child or their fourth, planning one of these events always an incredibly fun process, from researching the best baby shower gift ideas to browsing event venues.


Still, that’s not to say it doesn’t come with a fair share of work. To ensure everything goes smoothly, you’ll need to develop a detailed plan that hits every item on your wish list.    


Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Stick around to learn the 10 steps you need to follow to bring your baby shower ideas to life.


1.    Know Your Dates


As perhaps the most crucial step, there’s no better way to start than by picking your dates long before you start tossing around gender reveal party ideas. So, speak with the couple of honor to ensure you choose a good time to host the event.


2.    Make a Guestlist


A baby shower wouldn’t be very fun without any attendees! Figuring out the number of guests you plan to invite will make the rest of your planning process a breeze.


3.    Determine the Budget


Now that you have two of the most important considerations settled, you can begin talking about pricing. Start by calculating the cost per person, then continue with other aspects, like food and decorations.


4.    Find a Venue


This is where the fun part begins! With a clear budget in place, you can start browsing for the best venues to help bring your baby shower ideas to reality, from the homes of relatives to hotel venues.


5.    Consider a Theme


There’s no doubt about it: everybody loves a good theme. So, go all-out and let your imagination run wild. Will your cowboy-inspired baby shower gift ideas come to life? Will the place be inspired by a Disney-like underwater wonderland?


6.    Buy Decorations


Now that you have your theme, you can go ahead and start looking for decorations that’ll make it possible. Be sure to buy these items in advance!


7.    Make a Party Schedule


When will the expecting parents open their gifts? Is there going to be a family game? At what hour will the food be served? Scheduling these events beforehand will help save you a headache and ensure all goes smoothly.


8.    Create a Menu


After a long day spent celebrating, your guests are going to work up an appetite. As such, no gender reveal party ideas are complete without a menu to keep the event rolling. Decide what foods you’ll want, who will make them, how much they will cost, and more.


9.    Send Your Invites


The party is almost here! Begin sending your invitations about six weeks before the event. This will grant attendees enough time to fit the party into their schedules and — most importantly — start thinking about baby shower gift ideas!  


10.  Take it Easy


Bringing your baby shower ideas into the real world is no small task, and it can be easy to let your planning process get the better of you. So, don’t forget to take care of yourself along the way and have fun!